"Deena Goodale is an outstanding family historian with tons of experience and knowledge.  She helped me find my maternal great grandfather's family.  I was very impressed with the amount of information she found in the amount of time we had.  She found out things about my family that I did not even know.  It was so exciting to receive all the family history, and I can't wait until we work together again.  I would highly recommend Deena for any of your family history wants/needs." 

Heidi, Glendale, Arizona

"When Deena asked me if she could work on my father's ancestry, I was eager to give her what information I had, but held little hope for any new discovery. I had worked and worked, but had hit what I considered a wall that was beyond penetration. Deena, however, not only busted the wall, but found many families of which I certainly had no knowledge. Not only did she unravel a big story, she found me a first cousin I didn't know had even been born! What a joy it has been to learn of my family of generations past. Thank you, Deena."

Dee, Glendale, Arizona

"I am so thankful to Deena for all of the work she did on my family history. She was able to take my limited and somewhat inaccurate information and perform the most amazing family history search and so quickly! She certainly exceeded my expectations. What I really liked is Deena treated my family like it was her own. She was excited to tell me about my family...she shared in my joy. I really liked how she went the extra step not just finding names, she found stories, news articles, photos and etc. Words cannot describe the joy and pride I felt when I read the stories about my family, the trials they faced, the courage they showed--they are truly amazing! Thank you Deena for helping me find my roots."

Linda, Glendale, Arizona